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Helionova is the exclusive distributor of professional Ultrasun tanning equipment, Dr. Müller Collagenic devices, and Sunfit lamps and accessories for the UK.

We believe that your well-being is about more than feeling good and looking great. We believe that responsible use of light, and the energy it releases, should form a regular part of our lifestyle. Just like exercising and eating a balanced diet.

Our aim is to be your partner of choice by recreating the energy and vitality of a sunny day in a safe and controlled way. So you can enjoy a moment when you can close your eyes, recharge and look forward to what life has in store for you.

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Operating since 1977, active all over the United Kingdom, and Helionova employees and engineers (most of them having 10+ years of experience) at your service. Combining research, experience and knowledge you can trust!

Our equipment has gone through years of rigorous tests to insure performance quality and build quality. We do not just stop there; with continuous improvements like the IQ Touch Control, VibraPlate and Breeze and Aroma we also hope to enhance the customer experience.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it, we have your back! With our team of fully trained Helionova engineers we are always willing to assist in any way we can. We are the only company in the United Kingdom with this high level of experience and nationwide service reach.

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