Helionova has been supplying and maintaining high quality UV tanning equipment across the UK for over 35 years.  Established in 1979 by Richard Warden who was so taken with the new tanning technology that he literally used every penny at his disposal, to purchase his first machines.

In 1983 Richard met Willem Fabels, managing Director of Ultrasun International, as a result of this meeting Helionova became, and continues to be, the sole distributor of Ultrasun equipment in the UK.

Since Richards retirement in 2013 Helionova has become a part of the worldwide Ultrasun group, with long serving employees Steve Foyster and Emma Johnston becoming Directors of the company.

Using experienced in house engineers, most of whom have been with the company for more than ten years, Helionova is proud to supply, service, and maintain Ultrasun tanning and Dr. Müller Collagen equipment across the UK, we offer outright purchase, lease, or rental.