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The Ultrasun E4 is a timeless classic with proven ability. This Ultrasun basic tanning device is a perfect entry model as an addition to your business. But apart from using it in a professional setting, you can also locate the E-Series 4 at your home due to its 230V connection. Enjoy achieving a vital tan in the privacy of your home at any time.

The Ultrasun E4-0 – equipped with 32 Sunfit XL lamps – combines the price of a home unit with the quality of a professional tanning device. A statement of functionality and amazing efficiency.

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Top Lamps: 16 x Sunfit XL3 120W
Base Lamps: 16 x Sunfit XL3 120W
Exposure Time: 20 minutes

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Power Supply: 1 x 230V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 3,500 Watt
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 1 x 16 A

Net weight: 160 Kg
Crated weight: 185 Kg
Boxed Dimensions: 2270 x 960 x 820 mm
Dimensions Closed: 2165 x 815 x 980 mm
Dimensions Open: 2165 x 895 x 1340 mm

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 Xtreme Orange Metallic
 Royal Blue Metallic
 Sunny Blue Metallic