Collagenic Lamps

Every collagenic device is equipped with high-quality lamps of the brand Sunfit Lighting. Sunfit Lighting is specialized in ultraviolet and collagen lamps, and has both low pressure and high pressure lamps available in their assortment. Both come in different types, lengths and watts. For every demand Sunfit Lighting can provide the solution.

About the Sunfit collagen lamps, each lamp emits light at a wavelength of 633nm. At this frequency the customer receives the most effective treatment for the increase of collagen and elastin production and other proven benefits. The sessions are 100% risk-free and completely harmless. Please look at the scientific research page for more information.

We have three types of Collagenic lamps available:

Collagenic 120W (190cm in Length)
with 1,000 Life Hours (No Reflector)
Collagenic 180W (190cm in Length)
with 1,000 Life Hours (with Reflector)
Collagenic 200W (200cm in Length)
with 1,000 Life Hours (with Reflector)

A large advantage of the distinction in size and wattage of these Sunfit lamps is that customers with an Ultrasun tanning machine will be able to exchange the UV lamps with collagen lamps. The transformation of a tanning bed into a collagen device is only a matter of changing the lamps, it’s that easy! Would you like to receive more information about transforming your tanning system into a collagen machine, you can always contact our sales team.

Since collagen therapy through light at 633 nanometers is a relatively new beauty concept, we at Ultrasun are still increasing our Collagenic product range. So are new collagen lamps added to the range when possible and are we, in cooperation with Sunfit Lighting, researching the possibilities of Collagenic high pressure lamps.

For more information about our Collagenic lamps, their specifications and prices, you can of course contact our sales team.