There are countless reasons why people decide to make use of Collagenic sessions. Because not everyone is informed about the benefits, we will list them here for you.

[su_spoiler title=”Renewal of Collagen and Elastin Fibres in the Skin” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Collagenic light reaches the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis layer, and this is the place where the production of the collagen protein is activated and increased.
[su_spoiler title=”Smoothens the Skin” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Research reports that your skin will feel smoother after taking collagen light sessions.
[su_spoiler title=”Reduces Pore Size” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Different scientific studies mention that most subjects confirmed that their pores were decreased in size as one of the outcomes of the research.
[su_spoiler title=”Reduces Spots” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Collagen light lightens age spots, sunspots and other discoloration of the skin. The color of your skin gets toned.
[su_spoiler title=”Improvement of the Skin’s Moisture Retention, Suppleness and Firmness” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Due to the increase in collagen and elastin fibres, your skin will become more firm and also the skin’s moisture retention will be increased.
[su_spoiler title=”Oxygenation and Detoxification of the Skin” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Red light at 633 nanometres increases the transfer of energy between your skin’s light absorbing molecules. These activated molecules cause your skin to react by increasing the oxygenation and detoxification of the skin.
[su_spoiler title=”Reduces Deposits of Cellulite” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Research studies show that red light is very effective for skin rejuvenation, but also for skin care including cellulites. By increased oxygenation and detoxification of the skin and because blood circulation goes up through the use of collagen light, your skin will be smoothened and cellulite will become less visible.
[su_spoiler title=”Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
The renewal of the collagen cells production causes fine lines in the skin to disappear and wrinkles to become less visible.
[su_spoiler title=”Visible Anti-Aging” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Due to all the benefits described above, Collagenic light causes your skin to restore its youthful radiance and appearance, which results in visible anti-aging. You will look and feel younger!
[su_spoiler title=”Feels Good” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Due to the exposure to light, your body increases the hormone Serotonin. It is proven that this hormone will make you feel happy. Exposure to this bright light also helps against the Winter Blues.
[su_spoiler title=”Helps Weight Loss” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
The same Serotonin hormone suppresses your appetite. Therefore it can help to loss weight.
[su_spoiler title=”Relieve Pain” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
The warmth of the collagen lamps make muscles more flexible and are an aid for myalgia.
[su_spoiler title=”Stimulates Blood Flow For Increased Circulation” icon=”folder-2″ class=”CSpoiler2″]
Your skin will have a better oxygenation and detoxification, mainly due to the energy that will be transferred through the cells in your skin. Research has proven that this also leads to a better blood circulation of your body.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

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