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A gentle standing experience that helps you to re-energize and refresh your body as you smooth your skin. Free movement and an enjoyable session are guaranteed so you can relax to your favorite music while you recharge yourself. This 48-lamps CollaShower has it all.

For a more intense recharge, add in a VibraPlate, set the speed and intensity to suit your mood and enjoy the vibrations in a cooled atmosphere.

A Changing Cubicle is available for the CollaShower 48 as well. This rejuvenation machine can be placed virtually everywhere, without having the hassle of arranging a separate room.

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Lamps: 48x Sunfit Collagenic 200W
Exposure Time: 15 minutes

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Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 8,400 Watt (9,400 Watts with airco)
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 3 x 16 A TP&N or 50 A s/p (3 x 25 A TP&N with airco)

Net weight: 265 Kg (325 Kg with airco)
Crated weight: 305 Kg (385 Kg with airco)
Boxed Dimensions: 2270 x 1140 x 1250 mm (+ 1200 x 800 x 990mm with airco)

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* For more information about the Electronic Ballasts, contact us.

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 Dream White Metallic
 Ferrari Red Metallic