Helionova Limited are the exclusive distributors of Sunfit lamps and accessories for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Sunfit is proud to confirm its place at the centre of the tanning lamp market and to make Sunfit quality products available for all professional light applications. Our wide range of Sunfit lamps, facials, starters, ballasts and accessories makes us the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Sunfit UV lamps
Sunfit UV lamps

Sunfit has a wide range of UV lamps which have been exclusively designed for integration in a wide range of applications. With Sunfit lamps you will get fantastic tanning results at an excellent price and you will get results that are sure to bring the sun out to shine for everyone.

All our lamps have the 0.3W/m2 standard. The indication ‘UV Type 3’ stems from the Euro Norma and IEC Norm applicable for tanning units. This norm has been implemented by all EU countries. UV Type 3 is moderate UV A and B (varying from 0.5 to 1% max. in Europe). UV Type 3 is similar to the Mediterranean sun during mid day. When these lamps are placed in tanning unit, it gives a gentle and lasting tan for most skin types. For more information on the 0.3 W/m2 regulations, please click here.

Sunfit UV Facials
Sunfit UV facials

Sunfit Lighting has developed a line of single and double ended high performance facials. The single ended facials are available in 250 Watt, 300-500 Watt, 650 Watt and 800-1000 Watt versions. The wire lead facials are available in 500 Watt, 100-1500 Watt and 2000 Watt versions to meet every need. There is also a 400W clip-in facial available to make the series complete.

The Sunfit High Pressure lamps are designed to meet the needs of all tanning systems.

Sunfit Collagenic Lamps
Sunfit Collagenic Lamps

Sunfit considers innovation a constant process. Therefore several special Collagenic lamps for rejuvenation purposes have been added to the Sunfit product range.

The Collagenic lamps emit red light at 633 nanometers. Sunfit has three types of Collagenic lamps in their range: The Collagenic 120W [190 cm | non-reflector], Collagenic 180W [190 cm | reflector] and the Collagenic 200W [200 cm | reflector].

Sunfit Starters

Apart from the lamps, we also offer starters. When changing lamps, we recommend you to replace the starters as well. At Helionova we have two type of starters, the Sunfit E-Power and the Bodytone starter.