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The i9 Standup is the most spacious upright tanning experience in the world. A seamless tan can be achieved all over your body while you have ample room to feel free and relax.

Plug in your phone or personalize the tunes to match your mood. Premium features include a built-in air-conditioning system guaranteeing a fresh and exhilarating recharge, as well as a healthy tan.

Lavish space combined with the very latest technologies makes the i9 the most luxurious standing experience available.

Feel free to re-energize as you close your eyes and dance in the sun to your favourite music. Relax with refreshing aromatherapy and cool water breezes. The world’s largest stand-up tanning system has it all!

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Total Lamps: 64x Sunfit XXL3 200W E-Tronic
Max. Exposure Time: 15 minutes

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Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 11,000 Watt (12,000 Watt with airco)
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 3 x 32 A TP&N (3 x 40 A with airco)

Socket requirement:- Three Phase – 16 amps per phase TPN&E – Female commando socket.  Single Phase – 63 amp Female commando socket

Trip size:- Three Phase – 16 amps per phase C Type.  Single Phase – 50 amp C Type

Net Weight: 365 Kg (425 Kg with airco)

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* For more information about the Electronic Ballasts, contact us.

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 Dream White Metallic
 Vivid Violet Metallic**
 Xtreme Orange Metallic

** Contact us for details about these colour options.