Collagenic lamps are the fastest growing trend in the wellness industry.

Red light at 633 nanometers helps stimulate the production of elastin and collagen; proteins with a high elasticity level that are used to repair damaged tissue. Red light therapy can also help increase circulation by widening (relaxing) the blood vessels allowing blood to flow more easily. This is also considered […]

Scottish Beauty Edinburgh (March 23rd & 24th)

One of the smaller exhibitions that Helionova hadn’t attended for several years. We are very pleased that we renewed our relationship with this event as John Gibson was delighted with the interest shown in the i8 and Q6 with a number of machines being ordered on the stand.

Professional Beauty South (London Excel 2014)

This exhibition never disappoints huge numbers as ever through the doors and high levels of interest on the stand from old friends looking to upgrade and many  potential new clients admiring the Q18 and the i8 on show, Carrie Mason (area sales manager) reported an excellent lead count and great […]