Ultrasun E-Series
Ultrasun E4-0 Ultrasun E4-0

The Ultrasun E4 is a timeless classic with proven ability. This Ultrasun basic tanning device is a perfect entry model as an addition to your business. But apart from using it in a professional setting, you can also locate the E4 at your home due to its 230V connection. Enjoy achieving a vital tan in the privacy of your home at any time.

The E4-0 – equipped with 32 Sunfit XL lamps – combines the price of a home unit with the quality of a professional tanning device. A statement of functionality and amazing efficiency.

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Ultrasun E4-2 Ultrasun E4-2

The Ultrasun E4 is a basic entry model not seen before! Enjoy the comfort of the ventilation while a superb tan will be guaranteed with this excellent value for money tanning device. Relax while enjoying the warmth and while you recharge yourself.

The E4-2 has established quality and enduring appeal that never goes out of fashion. With its 32 lamps and two high pressure facials, this tanning system is an ideal starter model for beauty salons and hairdressers.

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Ultrasun E6 Ultrasun E6

With a superb price-quality ratio, the Ultrasun E6 is the basic stand-up in our Ultrasun Economy series. Available in three metallic colours, this back-to-basic stand-up does what it has to do: give you the power of getting a perfect tan. Whether you want to prepare for the summer, top up your Vitamin D levels, or enjoy the warmth after a fitness session, all is possible with the Ultrasun E6.

This device is standard equipped with a topcooler, for a more pleasant session. Attach an Changing Cubicle and you can place the Ultrasun E6 everywhere you want.

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Ultrasun E7 Ultrasun E7

The Ultrasun E7 has the best price-quality ratio for a 48-lamps stand-up in the world! Top up your tan and your Vitamin D levels at the same time, while you dance to the music coming from its speakers.

The TopCooler system enables you to set the temperature for optimal comfort. Fresh air is blown out of the ventilators and warm air is extracted through a separate channel, creating the perfect conditions for a relaxing tanning session.

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Ultrasun Economy Changing Cubicle Ultrasun Economy Changing Cubicle

The Economy Series Changing Cubicle offers privacy and safe storage for your possessions. You can add a Changing Cubicle to an E7 or E6 to create a safe and luxurious personal space without the need of a separate room. Inside you can lock the cubicle, find a clothes hook and vanity mirror. Size and space can be used efficiently.

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