Ultrasun Q-Series
Ultrasun Q30 Ultrasun Q30

A deluxe tanning experience is guaranteed with the Q30, our ultimate recharge and relaxation system will make a real statement in your salon.

From standard IQ Touch Control 2.0 to high-end performance, the Q30 is the most luxurious way to take care of your well-being.

The Q30 is the gold standard in letdown tanning with stunning looks and an exceptionally high specification.

IQ Touch Control 2.0 is an innovative two-way digital touch screen. You control every high-tech feature in your Q30.

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Ultrasun Q22 Ultrasun Q22

The Q22 was designed for excellence and will look exceptionally stylish in any room. It has more than amazing appeal and it is packed with features sure to impress.

With personal touch control 2.0 it brings state-of-the-art luxury to the personal wellness experience. You can pamper body and mind with sensory features such as an entertainment system, aromatherapy, water breezes and soothing wellness sounds.

The Q22 is a high performance machine that maximizes the tanning experience. It features a built-in air-conditioning system to make a session a pure pleasure. The Q22 can be upgraded to a complete wellness station by selecting different luxury options.

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Ultrasun Q18 Ultrasun Q18

The Q18 is a timeless classic with established quality and enduring appeal that never goes out of fashion. A combination of great looks and superb tanning proudly continued by our company.

Re-energise body and mind, this is relation at its finest.

The Q18 is a timeless classic with proven ability. It comes standard with personal touch control 2.0 and a wonderful range of features to enhance the well being.

The body-shaped acrylic fits to your body for added comfort during tanning sessions. In addition to great looks and superb tanning it can be customized with a choice of features to provide a superb tanning experience.

The Q18 comes in two model options; High Power and Magnum Power and would have added benefits in your tanning studio.

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Ultrasun Q14 Ultrasun Q14

The Q14 is spacious with outsized luxury and is a new standard for wellness in its size.

It has aerodynamic lines and a futuristic design with all luxurious features to maximize well-being without taking any more space than needed.

The Q14 combines outsized luxury in a compact mid-level footprint. Re-fresh by enhancing the tanning experience with Aroma and Breeze systems, a fine mist of distilled water.

The Q14 comes in two model options; High Power and Magnum Power and would be a perfect fit into any tanning studio.

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Ultrasun Q10 Ultrasun Q10

The Q10 is a classic model with a compact design and a genuinely spacious interior. It offers levels of comfort not seen elsewhere in her class.

It offers a superb experience with personal touch control 2.0, an entertainment system, shoulder tanning and a full body cooler.

Efficient design with a wide body surface create a comfortable session. Combined with the excellent functionality makes the Q10 an impressive addition to any tanning studio.

The Q10 comes in two model options; High Power and Magnum Power.

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Ultrasun Q6 Ultrasun Q6

The Q6 is our starter model and is an essential addition in our Q-series, an affordable machine that combines functionality and efficiency with amazing design.

A comfortable starter model, its standard features are anything but basic with personal touch control, full body cooler and Rainbow Manager.

An entry model not seen before in its range with two model options; High Power and Magnum Power. The Q6 is the perfect machine for compact tanning studios. It’s also an ideal starter model for beauty and fitness salons, health centers, hairdressers and hotels.

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