Ultrasun i-Series
i9 Standup Ultrasun i9

The i9 Standup is the most spacious upright tanning experience in the world. A seamless tan can be achieved all over your body while you have ample room to feel free and relax.

Plug in your phone or personalize the tunes to match your mood. Premium features include a built-in air-conditioning system guaranteeing a fresh and exhilarating recharge, as well as a healthy tan.

Lavish space combined with the very latest technologies makes the i9 the most luxurious standing experience available.

Feel free to re-energize as you close your eyes and dance in the sun to your favourite music. Relax with refreshing aromatherapy and cool water breezes. The world’s largest stand-up tanning system has it all!

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i8 Standup Ultrasun i8

The i8 is an invigorating experience and the world’s best-selling stand-up. This innovative design offers space and comfort for freedom of movement, body toning and a perfect all over tan.

Designed to relax and re-energize with aromatherapy, water breezes and wellness sounds to enhance the i8 experience.

The i8 offers a superb tan and tone experience. The VibraPlate can be controlled effortlessly to set speed and intensity of vibration as you want. Opt for the Aroma and Breeze systems and transform this stand-up into a total wellness experience.

The i8 can also be optimized with its own lockable changing room.

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Ultrasun i-Series Changing Cubicle

The i-Series is the stand-up device in our Ultrasun product range.

The i-Series changing cubicle offers privacy while change and offer safe storage for your possessions. Multiple models can be set up anywhere in an open area of your salon, gym or studio, saving valuable space.

The Wireless Management System lets you control up to eight tanning systems from distance – all with just a few clicks on your PC. So you can make more efficient use of session times.

Add a Changing Cubicle to create a safe and luxurious personal space for the i9 and i8 without the need of a separate room. Inside you can lock the cubicle, find a clothes hook and vanity mirror; size and space can be used efficiently.

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For more information about the i9 and i8 stand-up tanning devices, as well as the i-Series Changing Cubicle please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be of assistance as soon as possible.

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