Sunfit Accessories
Sunfit Googles and Sunfit Dreamers
Sunfit goggles

Safety and health lead the way for Sunfit. The Sunfit Sunglasses have been developed specially to protect your eyes during tanning, in natural sunlight, as well as in the artificial sun. The sunglasses meet strict FDA and EU standards for UV protection.

Sunfit dreamer

Sunfit has developed the Dreamer, a headrest which gives your customers great comfort whilst tanning. The headrest is compact, comfortable easy and clean. This headrest has especially designed for the use with tanning beds since the acrylic from the bed and the headrest are the same, with the same UV capacities.

Ultrasun & Sunfit ManagersUltrasun Manager

In addition to the professional tanning and Collagenic devices equipped with the IQ Touch Control, Ultrasun offers the Ultrasun Manager. A total management system to control up to 8 devices from a distance with a Windows PC, laptop or even tablet. Also machines with SolarControl or Lumax timers can be controlled via the Ultrasun Manager.

Since the Ultrasun Manager communicates directly with the IQ Touch Control, all changes in settings that are made by your clients, for example changes in bodycooler level, music preferences, aroma/breeze system, can be viewed directly on your PC screen.

Via Ultrasun Manager Counters can be read, pin codes can be installed, tanning times can be adjusted and possible errors can be located and fixed rapidly. It is the ideal solution for managing all your professional light devices.

Sunfit Wireless Management System

It was never so easy to control up to 8 machines, wireless! With the Sunfit Wireless Management System it is possible to manage all your tanning and Collagenic equipment from just one pc, which gives you an easy overview of all users and session times for more efficiency. The system is suitable for all machines by all manufacturers. Just plug-and-play, no wires or sockets are required.

The accompanying software is provided free of charge and lay-out can be personalized. The software is password protected. Additional receivers can be added at all times. You are just a few clicks away from managing up to 8 devices wireless.

Sunfit Paytronic & PowerControl 6Sunfit Paytronic

The paytronic coinbox is simple to use and very reliable. The display guarantees perfect control over your studio. Your customers can control the sunbed by using coins, which makes life easier for you.

The sunfit coins have been designed especially to match the Sunfit Paytronic system. There are three different coins available for you to choose form.

Sunfit PowerControl 6

the PowerControl 6 is a remote control box which allows you to operate up to 6 devices from one central point. Every device can be managed via the remote control box so professionals can appreciate the convenience of using the PowerControl 6, when managing their studio/area with a number of tanning and/or Collagenic devices.

The most attractive feature of the PowerControl 6 has to be that it shows the total number of operating hours of the sunbed and the pulses can be read centrally, from just one system. PowerControl 6, easy to use and to maintain.

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