Dr. Müller Omega Collagenic
The Omega Collagenic is the most comprehensive device in our Collagenic product range. With 18x Sunfit 120 Watt Collagenic lamps in the base and 22x Sunfit 180 Watt reflector Collagenic lamps in the top, the Omega Collagenic is an intense and spacious rejuvenation machine! It is standard equipped with a set of magnificent features, like a BodyCooler and Moodlight.

To receive a real wellness experience from your Omega, you can also decide to extent the Omega Collagenic with Airco and/or with the Breeze and Aroma system. And when the Omega is equipped with the Music Pro option, customers can bring their own iPhone or iPad along to listen to their favorite music. No doubt customers will love that experience!

Lamp Specifications:

Top Lamps:   22x Sunfit Collagenic 180W
Base Lamps: 18x Sunfit Collagenic 120W
Exposure Time: 20 minutes

Technical Information:

Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 6,000 Watt (7,000 Watt with airco)
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 3 x 16 A TP&N or 40 A s/p

Net weight: 280 Kg (320 Kg with airco)
Crated weight: 345 Kg (385 Kg with airco)
Boxed Dimensions: 2330 x 1260 x 1450 mm



Color Options:

Dream White Metallic
Ferrari Red Metallic