Ultrasun E4-2 Sunbed

The Ultrasun E4 Sunbed is a basic entry model not seen before! Enjoy the comfort of the ventilation while a superb tan will be guaranteed with this excellent value for money tanning device. Relax while enjoying the warmth and while you recharge yourself.

The E4-2 Sunbed has established quality and enduring appeal that never goes out of fashion. With its 32 lamps and two high pressure facials, this tanning system is an ideal starter model for beauty salons and hairdressers.

Lamp Specifications:

Top Lamps:   16x Sunfit X3 100W
Base Lamps: 16x Sunfit XL3 120W
Facials: 2x Sunfit WL 500
Exposure Time: 20 minutes

Technical Information:

Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 4,400 Watt
Socket requirement:- Three Phase - 16 amps per phase TPN&E - Female commando socket. Single Phase - 32 amp Female commando socket. Trip size:- Three Phase - 16 amps per phase C Type. Single Phase - 32 amp C Type
Net Weight: 165 Kg
Dimensions Closed: 2165 x 815 x 980 mm
Dimensions Open: 2165 x 895 x 1340 mm



Colour Options:

Royal Blue Metallic
Sunny Blue Metallic