Ultrasun E6 Power Tower

With a superb price-quality ratio, the Ultrasun E6 Power Tower is the basic stand-up in our Ultrasun E-Series series. Available in three metallic colours, this back-to-basic stand-up does what it has to do: give you the power of getting a perfect tan. Whether you want to prepare for the summer, top up your Vitamin D levels, or enjoy the warmth after a fitness session, all is possible with the E6 Power Tower.

This device is standard equipped with a topcooler, for a more pleasant session. Attach an Changing Cubicle and you can place the E6 Power Tower everywhere you want.

Lamp Specifications:

Lamps: 42x Sunfit XL3 180W
Exposure Time: 15 minutes

Technical Information:

Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 7,200 Watt
Socket requirement:- Three Phase - 16 amps per phase TPN&E - Female commando socket. Single Phase - 32 amp Female commando socket. Trip size:- Three Phase - 16 amps per phase C Type. Single Phase - 32 amp C Type
Net Weight: 250 Kg
Dimensions Closed: 1165 x 1185 x 2270 mm
Dimensions Open: 1590 x 1335 x 2270 mm



Colour Options:

Dream White Metallic
Sunny Blue Metallic
Ferrari Red Metallic