The Ultrasun i8 is an invigorating experience and the world’s best-selling stand-up. This innovative design offers space and comfort for freedom of movement, body toning and a perfect all over tan.

Designed to relax and re-energize with aromatherapy, water breezes and wellness sounds to enhance the i8 experience.

The i8 offers a superb tan and tone experience. The VibraPlate can be controlled effortlessly to set speed and intensity of vibration as you want. Opt for the Aroma and Breeze systems and transform this stand-up into a total wellness experience.

The i8 can also be optimized with its own lockable changing room.

Lamp Specifications:

Total Lamps: 48x Sunfit XXL3 200W E-Tronic
Max. Exposure Time: 15 minutes

Technical Information:

Power Supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE | 50 Hz
Power: 8,400 Watt (9,400 Watt with airco)
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 3 x 16 A TP&N (3 x 32 A TP&N with airco) or 50 A s/p

Net Weight: 265 Kg (325 Kg with airco)
Crated Weight: 305 Kg (385 Kg with airco)
Boxed Dimensions: 2270 x 1140 x 1250 mm (+ 1200 x 800 x 990 mm with airco)



Color Options:

Dream White Metallic
Vivid Violet Metallic**
Xtreme Orange Metallic

** Ask for details about these colour options.