Black Espresso Sachet (15ml)


A strong deep bronzer with Melanogen powerful complex.

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This is a strong deep bronzer with the Melanogen™ powerful complex. It contains slimming caffeine and a complex of natural bronzers.  Because, the natural components easily build the colour of the skin, as a results it deepens the tan. Furthermore, the Hemp Oils gives a healing treatment.  Above all it deepens your tan and makes the skin firmer. Lastly, this Organic oriented bronzer has a strong ability to make your skin beautifully tanned.


DHA, Melanogen™, Walnut Extract  – they give immediate effect dark and deep tan
Caffeine Extract – has slimming, firming and detoxifying effect on the skin
Shea Butter< Hemp Oil – moisturises, softens and smoothes the skin, promotes skin regeneration and soothes irritations
Safflower Oil – perfectly nourishes and moisturises, strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin, reduces the negative effects of free radicals
Vitamins: A, E, C – improve appearance and condition of the skin


Arabica Coffee


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