Essence Daily Balm Sachet (15ml)


Body balsam to soak your skin with moisture and leave a soft silky skin

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Above all Essence Daily Balm makes everyday care a real ritual of beauty and pleasure. Because you will reach for it with great pleasure, your skin will again be soaked with a solid dose of moisturising and nourishing ingredients (Intensive care complex, Safflower Oil and B Vitamins). As a result these ingredients and Caffeine, which improves blood circulation, your body will again become wonderfully soft and silky smooth, hence the tan will last much longer. This is your must-have for your daily body care!

Active ingredients

Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Aloe Vera – Moisturise and nourish

Vitamins B6, B3 – Improves appearance and conditions the skin

Caffeine – Improves blood circulation for soft, silky smooth skin

Red Algae Extract – Nourishes and hydrates


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